Avoid the extinction of print management

Use the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to create new revenue streams with data ingestion, printed electronics, and additive manufacturing

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Managed Print Services (MPS) organizations risk becoming as disconnected as your home telephone. Growth is slowing to a crawl, if not declining. With digital technology driving down the use of printers, hardware sales are not going to make up the difference.¹ Looking forward, a dwindling market might not support current players.

Undeniably, the landscape is changing, but there’s good news: MPS companies still reap sufficient revenue to support the development of new solutions. The challenge is to take advantage of this window while it exists.

How should MPS organizations develop the offerings they need to meet today’s market opportunities—and drive future success? MPS organizations must carefully cultivate their digital strategies to expand cloud, data, IoT, analytics, and especially AI. This amps up their current portfolios—and explores innovations that fuel growth in server management, help desk and application services, and new cloud strategies.

These approaches are fine for right now, but MPS organizations must plan for the long term. The portfolio of the future could include niche solutions such as “connected offices” powered by AI and IoT, and AI-linked optically driven ingestion to enable workflow automation. It could also include printed electronics for smart labeling, and additive manufacturing, including biomedical 3D printing.

You don’t want your print management organization to go the way of home telephones. Read the full report to learn more about our three-step roadmap—and get started on rejuvenating your MPS organization.

¹ Internal IBM marketing data.

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