Assembling your cloud orchestra

A field guide to multicloud management

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Executive overview

Authors: Steve Cowley

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, General Manager,
Lynn Kesterson-Townes

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, Global Cloud & Quantum Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) Global Business Services,
Arvind Krishna

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, Senior Vice President,
Sangita Singh

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, General Manager

Setting a tempo for multicloud management Operating in a multicloud environment is a reality for most enterprise functions today, though too often it happens in silos. Instead of ignoring or attempting to stifle organizational forays onto multiple clouds, IT needs to get better at facilitating, orchestrating and optimizing enterprise multicloud footing. Enterprises that assemble harmonized multicloud platforms now can position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower costs. But it won’t be easy. Here, we provide a field guide outlining challenges, benefits and a clear path to successful multicloud management.

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