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In 1964, the Sabre airline reservation system was released, and it quickly became the largest private, real-time data processing system in the world.1 Then, in the late 1990s, the internet transformed the travel industry again. Passengers are more connected than ever, but the systems that once propelled the travel industry forward now often hold it back. Inflexible, cumbersome travel processes can be difficult to use compared to other industries. Mobile technology has the potential to dramatically increase customer satisfaction through deeper engagement and personalization, and by empowering employees to more meaningfully connect with travelers.

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Leaders must coordinate the way travel is offered to travelers through implementation of common solutions. Currently, the travel distribution market is too fragmented. IBM can guide your organization toward implementation of travel 3.0.

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Greg Land

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, IBM Global Segment Leader, Hospitality and Travel Related Services;
Brian O’Rourke

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, IBM Global Segment Leader, Airlines;
Heidi Fillmore

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, IBM Global Industry Executive Partner Travel and Transportation Product Team

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