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Mastering the art of change in the digital domain

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Experts on this topic Now, an emerging business phenomenon is taking shape which could derail your market presence. In this anytime, anywhere world, the rate of change is advancing in the blink of an eye. It’s no longer linear, as in point A to point B, but full of disruptive innovations powered by a digital revolution. The traditional change curve no longer applies to an organization seeking to undertake a major transformation —and employees expect to be engaged differently, personalizing their roles in the journey.

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Meet the authors:

Maria-Paz Barrientos

Connect with author:

, Vice President and Partner IBM Talent & Engagement Global Center of Competency;
Tina Marron-Partridge

Connect with author:

, Global Leader, Talent & Engagement, IBM Global Business Services;
Elizabeth Whiteford

Connect with author:

, Global Offering Lead and Solution Architect, Digital Change Talent and Engagement Center of Competency

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