Japan ascending

Four steps to reignite growth and vitality in the Japanese economy

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From a preeminent global powerhouse in the 1980s and early 90s, the Japanese economy has been characterized by stasis and periodic decline for the past two decades. Japanese business today struggles to capture the inspired creativity that characterizes its most successful global competitors. Facing organizational and cultural constraints, many Japanese executives are unsure how to leverage the technological and economic forces that are undermining business models worldwide. However, all is not lost. This report outlines key strategies to help Japanese organizations recapture past achievements and once again assume a leadership role in global business ecosystems.

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Meet the authors

Kazuaki Ikeda

Connect with author:

, Vice President, IBM Strategy and Analytics practice leader, Japan

Shuma Okamura

Connect with author:

, Senior Managing Consultant, Business Analytics and Strategy Japan

Anthony Marshall, Senior Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value

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