Internet of threats

Securing the Internet of Things for industrial and utility companies

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Executive overview

Authors: Tim Hahn

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, Chief Architect, Internet of Things Security at IBM,
Marcel Kisch

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, WW Security Lead E&U and Manufacturing IBM Security,
James Murphy

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, Global Leader IoT, Security & Blockchain IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

Become unassailable The Internet of Things (IoT) has become ubiquitous. Insights derived from data collected from connected devices are being used across industries to enhance productivity, solve problems and create new business opportunities and operational efficiencies. But there are also risks. Security was an afterthought for many early generation IoT applications, creating vulnerabilities in the network and the potential for industrial process interruption, manipulation or espionage. But the Internet of Things cannot become simply the internet of threats. Industry and utilities companies, in particular, need to develop new strategies to mitigate and manage cyber-risks.

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