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Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) for industrial and utility companies

Cyber attackers don’t wait. Deploying technologies at a faster pace than securing them can open up an internet of threats.

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The current IoT market for industrial and utilities companies is projected to double to an installed base of 30 billion devices in 2020, and skyrocket to 75 billion in 2025.¹ Given the mind-boggling amount of data being generated, there are serious and very real underlying concerns about the security and vulnerability of devices and sensors.

Deploying IoT technologies without essential and effective security is like building a plane while flying it. Risks and uncertainties abound. For industrial manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, and utilities, security breaches can lead to large-spread contamination, environmental disasters, and even personal harm.

Most industrial and utilities organizations are just now adopting practices and protective technologies to mitigate IoT security risks. Whether a shortage of cybersecurity talent to lean on, narrow awareness, or yet to fully emerge IoT security standards, catching up to the threat is slow going.

But there are three key practices organizations can implement now to help diminish risk and improve performance. And among organizations in the advanced stages of implementing protective technologies to mitigate IoT security risks, we’ve gauged use of twelve relevant and important technologies to deliver IoT security.

¹ “Roundup of Internet of Things forecasts and market estimates.” Forbes. 2016 https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2016/11/27/roundup-of-internet-of-things-forecasts-and-market-estimates-2016/#7651823e292d

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Tim Hahn

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, Chief Architect, Internet of Things Security at IBM;
Marcel Kisch

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, WW Security Lead E&U and Manufacturing IBM Security;
James Murphy

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, Global Leader IoT, Security & Blockchain IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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