The innovation imperative

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New seismic and disruptive events are upending the pace of innovation – and leading companies are jumping into the fray, trying to differentiate themselves through emerging business models. But here is the hard truth: Enterprises are wasting money, resources and time putting on a facade of innovation that falls short of customer and shareholder expectations. There is an inherent expectation that these incremental, and in many cases “siloed,” investments or initiatives will lead to sustained business impact. The time has come to move beyond “innovation theater” into a more mature adoption of innovation that drives measurable business results. Now is the time for Innovation 2.0.

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Meet the authors:

Mathias Bombardi

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, Partner, Digital Strategy, Global;
Amanda Gosling

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, Global Partner: IBM iX. Leader Digital Strategy UKI;
Brian Love

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, Partner, Digital Strategy, Global

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