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How mobility redefines business

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Just as the Internet did before, mobile networks—and the devices that exploit them—are radically changing the way we interact with the world. Everything from how we transact with merchants to how we educate our students to how we entertain ourselves is moving to mobile platforms with stunning speed. And just as the Internet before, many businesses are profoundly underestimating the full and lasting impact of this still nascent revolution.

These mobile devices not only play an important role in our collective consumption of information, they also generate a growing proportion of new information. Many businesses are already using sophisticated data analytics to distill insights and context from this increasing volume of digital information. Those insights are informing our understanding of the world around us, and change how people, businesses and governments interact.

But while businesses have been quick to adopt analytics as a competitive differentiator, and are eager to embrace mobile, they have struggled with its full implications. Many of those who have developed strategies for mobile haven’t yet moved beyond the first wave—using mobile as a new channel through which they can transact with customers, or as an enterprise communications tool, for example. Others don’t formally support mobile devices at all.

By combining the power of analytics with the ubiquity of mobile, organizations have the opportunity to serve up rich data on location, within the proper context, based on user preferences and behaviors. These "mobility" solutions will increasingly serve as a cognitive extension, empowering employees and organizations to quickly acquire new skills, work more and better together and improve decisions. Information platforms, tailored to each employee’s specific needs, can dynamically reconfigure workflows to get the right information (and only the right information) to the right people at the right time in the right place.

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