The India cure

Remedying the challenges of the healthcare landscape

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Executive overview

Authors: Partha Dey

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, Healthcare Leader – IBM India/South Asia,
Dr. Sumeet Kad

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, Global Portfolio Marketing Manager – Healthcare & Life Sciences,
Madhuri Banda

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, Senior Managing Consultant, India,
Heather Fraser

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, Global Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Radically reconsidering healthcare India’s healthcare system has seen significant progress in recent years. A strong economy, expanding medical options and longer lifespans are contributing to greater demand for high-quality healthcare services. But to fulfill this demand, the major stakeholders in India’s healthcare system must address shortcomings in areas such as infrastructure, insurance coverage and availability of skilled medical professionals. In this report, we propose a three-pronged approach that combines technology, innovation and ecosystems to help meet the rising costs and growing demand for healthcare in India.

How can IBM help you?

Our three-pronged approach addresses increasing demand and costs

Emerging technology, expanded innovation and extensive collaboration across a new ecosystem

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