A two-front battle

How governments can prevail in the face of the global skills crisis

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Executive overview

Authors: Mike King

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, Global Education Industry Vice President,
Dave Zaharchuk

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Marquis Cabrera

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, Global Leader,
Tim Paydos

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, Global Vice President

Tackling the global skills crisis Rapid technological advances, increased globalization and unprecedented industry disruption are destabilizing traditional job roles and fueling a global skills crisis. While governments face many of the same skills-related challenges as the private sector, the implications are even greater as they fight this battle on two fronts. While struggling to employ staff with the skills necessary to meet organizational mission requirements, government executives also must work with ecosystem partners to ensure their regional labor markets remain competitive. To avoid negative repercussions on the missions of their organizations as well as individuals and economies worldwide, government leaders must work with ecosystem partners to deepen the talent pool and build the workforce of the future.

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