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Innovate like a startup; scale like an enterprise

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Executive overview

Authors: Ilker Uzkan, Senior Business Designer, Aperto (An IBM Company), Stefan Schumacher, Global Director, Automotive Industry Solutions, Philipp Beckmannshagen, Business Development Executive, Digital Products and Services, Alexander Ruhland, Business Development Executive, Digital Products and Services

Digitization in the auto industry Digital technologies have upended the automotive industry. Formerly based solely on a business model of car ownership, the industry is fundamentally redefining itself into a multifaceted digital ecosystem. In fact, in a recent study from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 80 percent of executives said “comprehensive connected vehicle services” will be a key differentiator for consumers. Today’s car manufacturers and suppliers face intense competition from startups and internet companies with new business models, agile processes and rapid releases. To innovate and scale, industry leaders will need to combine the creative skills of a startup with the traditional strengths of an industrial enterprise.

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