Shifting toward Enterprise-grade AI

Resolving data and skills gaps to realize value

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Executive overview

Authors: Francesco Brenna

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, Executive Partner and European Leader, AI Practice,,
Giorgio Danesi

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Glenn Finch

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, General Manager and Global Leader, Cognitive Business Decision Support, IBM Global Business Services,
Brian Goehring

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, Associate Partner, AI / Cognitive & Analytics, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Manish Goyal

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Achieving exponential competitive advantage with AI Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving beyond the hype cycle, as more and more organizations seek to adopt AI-related technologies. These organizations are focusing on prioritizing functional areas and use cases, placing a stronger emphasis on topline growth, taking up a renewed interest in their data infrastructure and articulating greater unease about the skills of their knowledge workers. This report explores how they are approaching strategic imperatives, defining value drivers, building foundational capabilities and improving access to talent – as well as how their efforts could drive exponential competitive advantage.

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