Empowering the edge

Practical insights on a decentralized Internet of Things

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Organizations, both private and public, must prepare to operate in the incomprehensibly immense Internet of Things (IoT) that lies ahead. Our first report in this IoT series, “Device democracy: Saving the future of the Internet of Things,” proposes that decentralization can help address the challenges of cost, privacy and longevity in scaling the IoT to an inevitable hundreds of billions of devices.

In this subsequent report, we describe how we tested that concept using three goals:

  • Validate the future vision for decentralized systems to extensively augment today’s centralized solutions;

  • Demonstrate foundational IoT tasks without the use of centralized control; and

  • Empower devices to engage autonomously in marketplace transactions.

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Meet the authors:

Sanjay Pannikar

Connect with author:

, Global Electronics Subject Matter Expert;
Veena Pureswaran

Connect with author:

, Associate Partner, IBV Global Research Leader - Blockchain, Global Business Services;
Sumabala Nair

Connect with author:

, Big Data and Internet of Things Architect, IBM Global Business Services

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