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The old and the new The modern supply chain ecosystem requires a new mindset and a new breed of experts. While yesterday’s supply chains were focused on the availability, movement and cost of physical assets, today’s are about the management of data, services and products bundled into solutions. These modern supply chains leverage massive amounts of data, curated by analytical experts and data scientists. Next-generation supply chains leaders and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they manage will drive their organizations and ecosystems to optimize the usefulness of data, analyzing it in real time with minimal latency. Insights will be instantly distributed across the supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and field operations for effective cost containment.

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The electronics industry is infusing intelligence into products and connecting them to everything. Companies that figure out how to turn that data into actionable insights will create new business models and deliver greater value to customers.

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Matthieu Van Bilsen

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, IBM Global Electronics Industry Leader Cognitive Operations,
Quentin Samelson

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, IBM Senior Managing Consultant, Electronics Center of Competence

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