A healthy outlook

Digital Reinvention in healthcare

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Executive overview

Authors: Julie Bowser

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, Global Life Sciences Industry Executive,
Sunanda Saxena

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, EA to Jesus Mantas , Managing partner Cognitive Assets & GBS Ventures and Global Head of Strategy & Offerings, GBS,
Anthony Marshall

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services,
Heather Fraser

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, Global Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Until recently, healthcare systems and providers focused exclusively on the remediation of specific ailments or systemic challenges. Recent innovations in global healthcare, however, have begun to move the industry away from solely addressing medical issues once they have occurred and toward medical prevention, management and cure. But such initiatives reflect merely a beginning. Current advances in technology will support the ubiquitous orchestration of health and wellness. And these advances will do so affordably, individually and at scale. Digital Reinvention provides the mechanism and overarching vehicle to align healthcare investments and initiatives to realize this vision sooner than many might think. 

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