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Reimagining the enterprise Digital technologies are altering how people and businesses interact. Digital forces are creating unprecedented levels of industry dislocation, fundamentally changing the economics of business. Consumer products businesses are at the vanguard of digital innovation. Faced with the threat of new market entrants with new business models, as well as dual imperatives to anticipate rapidly evolving consumer expectations and radically improve supply chain responsiveness and efficiency, consumer products firms are confronting a stark choice: Either digitally reinvent their enterprises or watch as consumers defect and business declines around them. By embracing Digital Reinvention™, organizations create an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine their operations and how they engage with consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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Meet the Authors:

Stacy Short

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, Partner and SAP Global Alliance and Digital Transformation Leader,
Romas Pencyla

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David McCarty

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, IBM Consumer Products Industry Leader,
Jane Cheung

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, Global Leader for Consumer Products, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Anthony Marshall

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services

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