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Digital Reinvention® in banking

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Reimagining the enterprise Reports of banking’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Banking and banks are here to stay. However, the way banking is conducted – and at times who conducts it – is changing. Intense focus on cost cutting and efficiency is ceding to expansion and growth. But growth extends beyond traditional pursuits of new markets and customers. Leading bankers are now prioritizing creation of secure platforms and ecosystems. And these new capabilities rely on sophisticated digital technologies. By conceiving and creating the structures that define banking’s future, banks are rethinking their roles and activities from the ground up and from the outside in. We call this process Digital Reinvention™.

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Realizing tomorrow today: Digital Reinvention® in banking

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Anthony Lipp

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, Global Strategy Leader,
Sarah Diamond

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, Global Managing Director,
Nicholas Drury

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, Global Banking and Financial Markets Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

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