The rise of the digital learning ecosystem

How the platform model is reinventing talent development

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Executive overview

Authors: James Cook

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, Global Practice Leader, Talent Development Optimization, IBM Global Business Services,
Gordon Fuller

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, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer,
Timothy Shriver

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, Partner, Talent and Engagement, IBM Global Business Services

Workforce skills of the future Business leaders are taking note of a looming global skills crisis. The IBM Institute for Business Value reports that 60 percent of executives globally confirmed they are struggling to keep their workforce current and relevant¹. What’s more, they recognize that the skills of the future may be unknown or entirely new to the organization. Tackling this challenge requires a new approach to talent and development based on a network of strong partnerships, a laser focus on user experience and the bold application of emerging technologies and learning science. Enter the digital learning ecosystem, where parties share and enhance every aspect of the talent development function.

  1. King, Mike, Anthony Marshall and Dave Zaharchuk. “Facing the storm: Navigating the global skills crisis.” IBM Institute for Business Value. December 2016.

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