Accelerating reinvention with digital banking frameworks

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Executive overview

Authors: Jesus Freire Costas

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, Banking and FM Industry Technical Leader, Europe - Distinguished Engineer, IBM Global Markets,
Montserrat Roca Juncosa

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, IBM Banking Center of Excellence Manager, IBM Global Markets,
Javier Vidal Plana

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, Banking Enterprise Architect, IBM Global Markets

Becoming a digital bank Digitization and technology disruption are changing the shape of our world, transforming society, industries and economies by reinventing traditional business models and creating new ones. These unstoppable forces are creating the need for the banking industry to develop new operating models. But what does building a truly digital bank entail? IBM Digital Reinvention® is a framework that encapsulates the dramatic changes required, involving fundamental re-conception of strategy, operations and technology from the ground up.¹ For banks, Digital Reinvention® includes reimagining employee engagement, customer experiences and other stakeholder relationships with new focus, expertise and ways of working.

¹ Digital reinvention in action.” IBM Institute for Business Value. May 2016. (

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