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Despite the business-transforming upsides of data from the Internet of things (IoT), there’s a downside: security. Porous networks and lax users offer tantalizing access for hackers. Although most security spending is at the enterprise level, a shift is needed to secure IoT applications and provide improved governance and accountability. Electronics companies must create secure environments that safely collect, consume, share and store data on their networks. But they also must go beyond devices and consumers to close holes to factory, ecosystem and partner networks.

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The electronics industry is infusing intelligence into products and connecting them to everything. Companies that figure out how to turn that data into actionable insights will create new business models and deliver greater value to customers.

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Meet the authors:

Tim Hahn

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, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Internet of Things Security, IBM Master Inventor;
Hiroshi Yamamoto

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, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Global Electronics Industry CTO, IBM Member of Academy of Technology

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