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Although massive amounts of data are generated every minute of every day, an astonishing amount of that data is wasted. Less than one percent of data is actually used, even though it has tremendous potential value. In much the same way filmmakers may shoot hours of film for every minute you see on screen, vast amounts of data is collected yet never analyzed, let alone monetized. This data is an untapped resource that offers huge opportunities for new products, business models and partnerships. The potential for innovation is tremendous when you stop thinking of data as a side-effect of automation and other digital activities and, instead, view it as a resource with inherent value.

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Meet the Authors:

Anthony Marshall

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services,
Patrick Antoine

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, Partner, Digital Strategy Leader, Canada IBM Global Business Services,
Steve Harding

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, Associate Partner, Advanced Analytics Practice Leader, Canada IBM Global Business Services,
Lyubov Zeylikman

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, Managing Consultant, Strategy & Change Internal Practice, IBM Global Business Services

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