Cybersecurity in the cognitive era

Priming your digital immune system

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Executive overview

Author: Carl Nordman

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, Director, Global C-suite Study Program, and CFO Research Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

Security leaders are working to address three gaps in their current capabilities — in intelligence, speed and accuracy. Some organizations are beginning to explore the potential of cognitive security solutions to address these gaps and get ahead of their risks and threats. There are a lot of expectations for this technology. Fifty-seven percent of the security leaders we surveyed believe that it can significantly slow the efforts of cybercriminals. The 22 percent of respondents who we call “Primed” have started their journey into the cognitive era of cybersecurity — they believe they have the familiarity, the maturity and the resources they need. To begin the journey, it is important to explore your weaknesses, determine how you want to augment your capabilities with cognitive solutions and think about building education and investment plans for your stakeholders.

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