AI reality check for customer experience

Why CX practitioners and executives see it differently

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Executive overview

Authors: Billy Seabrook

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, Partner, Global Chief Creative Officer,
Carolyn Heller Baird

Connect with author:

, Global Research Leader for Customer Experience and Design, IBM Institute for Business Value

Seeing the forest and the trees Companies are moving aggressively to enhance their customer experience (CX) with artificial intelligence (AI). Executives expect demand for AI to bring about extensive change within their organizations, especially in customer engagement, which will have a significant impact on CX practitioners. While most practitioners see AI as an opportunity, fewer say AI will force the wholesale change that executives have predicted. Do CX practitioners have their heads in the sand? Or does their tactical focus afford them a more sober, realistic view of what’s possible and how quickly it can be achieved? Companies must strive to bridge this perception gap, or risk disconnects and misdirection that can slow down – or derail – progress.

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