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Digital disappointment – why some customers aren’t fans

The experience revolution

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Companies are betting they’ll reap significant benefits by digitally transforming their customer experience (CX). These benefits are only possible, though, if customers adopt these new digital experiences. However, as this fourth and final report in our CX series explains, a sizable portion of consumers aren’t enthusiastic about making the switch. Indeed, we found that many executives do not fully understand why consumers would be willing to try new digital ways of engaging with their companies. Two-thirds of executives have underestimated the role generational differences play in digital adoption, and too often digital CX initiatives have failed to meet customer expectations. Companies need to embrace their customers’ point of view with empathy and boldly reimagine experiences that resolve true pain points, not just digitize customer interactions. Otherwise, they risk jeopardizing their digital investment and their brand.

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Saul Berman, PhD

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, Vice President and Chief Strategist

Josh Goff

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, Global Partner

Carolyn Heller Baird, Global Research Leader for Customer Experience and Design, IBM Institute for Business Value

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