Consumers at the heart of healthcare

Retailers are creating a new industry perspective

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Authors: Sean Hogan

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, IBM Global Markets, Healthcare and Life Sciences,
Stephen Laughlin

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, Vice President & General Manager IBM Global Consumer Industry,
Harry Reynolds

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, Director of Health Industry Transformation, IBM Global Healthcare and Life Science Industry,
Tony Trenkle

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, Chief Health Information Officer, IBM Global Healthcare Industry,
Heather Fraser

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, Global Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Institute for Business Value

Consumer convergence Healthcare has long aspired to “patient-centricity.” Now, new players vying to enter the healthcare market are finding abundant opportunities to own a piece of the industry. Large scale, customer-focused companies are demonstrating that they have the balance sheets to buy into healthcare in a big way, anything from a payer to a pharmacy benefit manager to a hospital. Rumors are rampant that leading retailers and e-tailers with the scale to unleash operational efficiency and pricing optimization, the reach for customer intimacy and technical savvy to integrate experience across channels will soon join the party. They will likely change the industry as we know it.

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