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Who’s leading the cognitive pack in digital operations?

Progress, priorities and profits

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The road to the cognitive future runs through operations Senior executives are reinventing their companies and industries with analytics-enabled digital operations. For many, both strategy and execution have a way to go, as a new generation of cognitive computing promises greater value – and presents fresh challenges. Our research shows the business case for digital operations is compelling, with high-growth/high-profit companies acting more on company-wide, integrated strategies. These high performers are getting more out of the still-maturing cognitive technologies that power businesses behind the scenes. In this report, we discuss progress, priorities and profits along the road to the cognitive future.

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Meet the Authors:

Karen Butner

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, Business Strategy and Analytics Digital Operations and IoT Leader,
Louise Skordby

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, Vice President and Partner, Business Strategy and Analytics Practice and European Leader for Digital Operations Consulting

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