From data deluge to intelligent insights

Adopting cognitive computing to unlock value for marketing and sales

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Executive overview

Authors: Carolyn Heller Baird

Connect with author:

, Global Research Leader for Customer Experience and Design, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Laura McFarlane

Connect with author:

, Partner, IBM Interactive Experience Center of Competency,
Alyssa Waxenberg

Cognitive computing is the game-changing technology that could be the answer to marketers’ and sellers’ prayers. It could also be one of the most disruptive forces their functions face. Armed with insights about customers at every touchpoint, professionals using cognitive computing are able to create and deliver the personalized, intuitive experiences customers expect. But are Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and heads of sales ready to make the cognitive leap? Our study explores the extent to which these executives are embracing cognitive technologies today, the challenges they face and the lessons they can learn from outperforming companies that are already applying cognitive solutions and driving a cognitive-enabled vision for their business.

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