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The Cognitive Enterprise: Reinventing your company with AI

Exponential technologies, powered by data, are creating the next-generation business model.

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Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence, automation, Internet of Things, blockchain, and 5G become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape standard business architectures. The “outside-in” digital transformation of the past decade is giving way to the “inside-out” potential of data exploited with these exponential technologies.

We call this next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise. And our thought leaders have outlined seven steps toward getting there.


A new era of business reinvention is dawning, and we call the next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise.

Mark Foster

Connect with author:

, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Services

1Create platforms to unleash Digital Darwinism

Platform players are trading supply-side for demand-side economics, opening for others to join and rewriting rules that once determined value creation.

Jesus Mantas, Managing Partner, IBM Services
Shanker Ramamurthy, General Manager, Strategy and Market Development for Global Industries, Blockchain, and Industry Platforms

2Leverage the incumbent advantage in data

The scope and diversity of data matters because when combined, they have the potential to create deep context and insights.

Dr. Alessandro Curioni

Connect with author:

, IBM Fellow, Vice President, IBM Europe, Director, IBM Research

Glenn Finch, General Manager and Global Leader, Cognitive Business Decision Support, IBM Global Business Services

3Architect your business for change

To become a Cognitive Enterprise, organizations are adopting new business platforms that can be a basis for enterprise architecture.

John Granger

Connect with author:

, General Manager, Cloud Application Innovation and Chief Operating Officer, IBM Global Business Services

Andrew Hately

Connect with author:

, Vice President, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

4Redesign company workflows around AI

AI and exponential technologies are reimagining workflows by orchestrating interactions between smart machines and even smarter humans.

Jay Bellissimo

Connect with author:

, General Manager, Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM Global Business Services

Bob Lord

Connect with author:

, Chief Digital Officer, IBM

5Get agile, change fast and build things

Enterprise agility can become a foundation for corporate culture transformation, new ways of working and exponential growth in learning.

Martin Jetter

Connect with author:

, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services

Sean Reilley

Connect with author:

, Vice President and Partner, IBM Global Technology and Data Strategy, IBM Global Business Services

6Reinvent your workforce to ignite talent

As more companies adopt business platforms as the core of their operations, the need for new skills and continuous re-skilling is accelerating.

Diane Gherson

Connect with author:

, Chief Human Resources Officer, IBM

Amy Wright

Connect with author:

, Managing Partner, Talent and Transformation, IBM Global Business Services

7Win with trust and security

Customers’ trust that an organization will safeguard their data has become a compelling expectation.

Shamla Naidoo

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, Vice President, IT Risk and Chief Information Security Officer, IBM

Mary O'Brien

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, General Manager, IBM Security

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