Becoming a “living” media partner for your consumers

A cognitive future for media and entertainment

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Authors: Steve Canepa

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, Global Managing Director - Telecommunications,
Rob van den Dam

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, Global Industry Leader - Telecommunications,
Saul J. Berman, Ph.D

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Daniel Toole

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, High Value Transactions and Strategic Partnerships Leader

The end of broadcasting as we know it The digital world has turned the broadcasting paradigm upside down. Media companies need to deliver the best individual experience to every consumer in context, in the moment and all the time. And yet, customer expectations are now far ahead of delivery — so far ahead, in fact, that broadcasters need to completely reinvent themselves. This Digital Reinvention™ requires a much deeper understanding of content and customers, as well as scalable solutions that support the quality of delivery in every circumstance. It also requires processes that can fully monetize the opportunity, including better rights and royalties clearance and advertising yield optimization. Successful media companies of the digital future will need to have a broad cognitive strategy and investment priorities that align to the goals of maximizing return on content investment while excelling at customer services.

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