The cognitive effect on automotive

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Authors: Binoy Damodaran

Connect with author:

, Associate Partner, IBM Cognitive and Analytics,
Ben Stanley

Connect with author:

, Automotive Research Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

Exceptional enterprise and mobility experiences The automotive (auto) industry is going through unprecedented change – self-driving vehicles, electric cars and new mobility services have quickly evolved from visionary concepts into reality. And countless more innovations are on the horizon. Data is central to these innovations, providing potential insights that can help greatly enrich auto company enterprises and mobility experiences. Auto companies are turning increasingly to cognitive computing to unlock these insights, according to 500 auto executives who participated in our recent cognitive computing study. These executives indicate that the technology, their organizations and the industry are now aligned for cognitive computing adoption. A small group of cognitive innovators is already investing more than its peers in cognitive computing and maintaining a focus on future growth, while paving the way for others to follow.

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