Securing privacy for the future of connected cars

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Consumers demand privacy Manufacturers should design privacy into cars that collect data. Sixty two percent of surveyed consumers said they would consider one brand over another if it had better security and privacy.

No organization can single-handedly guarantee complete consumer privacy Connected cars comprise components and systems from part makers, software developers, and integrators. They all can collect car data. Privacy takes an ecosystem.

Privacy can be a key differentiator Don’t simply provide privacy. Promote privacy leadership while selling, on social media, even within the company.

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The pace of change in automotive is accelerating. Markets have evolved from manufacturers and service providers largely defining what types of vehicles to produce and market into entirely new forms focused on driver experience. Consumers, clients and colleagues are becoming active participants rather than passive recipients.

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Privacy is a brand issue and you need to protect your brand. And if you're not prepared to comply with the growing number of global data privacy laws such as GDPR, you could be exposing your company to significant business risk.

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Meet the Authors:

György Halmos

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, EU Privacy Consultant, IBM Security,
Jayne Golding

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, Executive Consultant, European Privacy Lead, IBM Security,
Ben Stanley

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, Automotive Research Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

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