Using blockchain to manage vehicle data, personal preferences, and transactions

With vehicles and rides increasingly shared, drivers’ preferences need to travel with them to create a personalized experience.

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With new options for vehicle access, people no longer have to pay upfront for a car that is likely to be parked most of the day. Instead, drivers and passengers can pay for access through a mobility service.

But people expect to have the same personal experience of using a car whether they own it or not. They want the car to behave like other personal devices, with the ability to access their favorite entertainment and information, shop, book hotels, or even monitor their health.

As vehicles evolve to be more software-oriented, a personalized in-vehicle digital experience becomes possible. Using data about an individual, a vehicle can offer the personalized experience people desire. The car then becomes just another smart device that also happens to move them around. However, for these in-vehicle, personalized experiences to become viable, it’s critical for data to be secured reliably.

In the future, a secure ledger based on blockchain can be used to manage vehicle data, personal preferences, and transactions. With blockchain, distributed ledgers are shared across a scalable group of individuals and institutions, bringing trust, transparency, and auditability to participants.

This paper explores blockchain’s potential for securing data and promoting trust within the context of personal mobility. And it concludes with questions for automakers to consider as they move forward.

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Meet the authors:

Julian Fieres

Connect with author:

, Head of Strategy, Business Development, M&A - Division E-Mobility at ZF Friedrichshafen;
Dele Atanda

Connect with author:

, Digital Innovation Officer, Global Lead, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, IBM Global Business Services;
Oliver Gahr

Connect with author:

, Program Director Innovation, Blockchain and IoT, IBM Research and Development

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