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Executive overview

Authors: Andrew Martin

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, Blockchain Value Design Worldwide Leader, IBM Industry Platforms,
Shyam Nagarajan

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, Director, Global Blockchain Industry Networks, IBM Industry Platforms,
Smitha Soman

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, Global Blockchain Research, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Veena Pureswaran

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, Global Blockchain Research Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

Building a robust business case As blockchain adoption continues to gather momentum, organizations must approach their blockchain strategies with the same rigor and commitment as any other new and transformativestrategies. They can’t just fall back on prototypes alone. They need to build a robust business case for blockchain that includes a fair incentive model to attract all the partners required for the success of their networks. New governance models can help scale the network quickly and before others do. Monetization strategies will be crucial to generate and recoup investment for the build out of the technology platform and other infrastructure.

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