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Enforcing accountability in media

How blockchain technology can work for media and entertainment

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Getting a step ahead The media and entertainment (M&E) industry stands to garner significant benefits from blockchain technology. The core attributes of blockchain’s shared ledger approach can help provide transparency, trust, efficiency, speed, security and control across the media supply chain for all points in a transaction process. This is particularly important in the delivery, consumption and payment for media content and in advertising. Moreover, blockchain can help curtail ad fraud – such as clicks made by bots, instead of humans – and copyright infringement. Those M&E companies that begin creating a blockchain solution now have the potential to get a step ahead of competitors.

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Revolutionizing the media and advertising industry with blockchains

Learn how M&E companies can reap the benefits of blockchains to get a step ahead of competitors

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Meet the Authors:

Utpal Mangla

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, Global Industry Executive for Cognitive and Blockchain, IBM TME Centre of Excellence,
Chad Andrews

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, IBM global solutions leader,
Luca Marchi

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, IBM leader of the blockchain competency in the global TME Centre of Excellence,
Steve Canepa

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, Global Managing Director - Telecommunications,
Rob van den Dam

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, Global Industry Leader - Telecommunications

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