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Government organizations the world over are eager to dismantle the bureaucracy that’s held them back. Budgetary pressures arising from economic stagnation and aging populations have severely constrained resources, including the ability to access and analyze data to create greater economic value. By facilitating the secure sharing of data between institutions and individuals, blockchain technology could help relieve those pressures. Our recent blockchain study revealed a group of government organizations that are embracing blockchain technology to reduce frictions to innovation and information and facilitate more extensive collaboration.

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Meet the authors:

Alan Therlow, Leader, Government Blockchain and Mobility, Global CoC for Government; Richard Nash, Government Industry Solutions CoC, Blockchain CTO, Global Business Services; Jerry Cuomo, VP Blockchain Technology, IBM Industry Platform; Veena Pureswaran

Connect with author:

, Associate Partner, IBV Global Research Leader - Blockchain, Global Business Services;
Dave Zaharchuk, Research Director, Global Government Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

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