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Beyond bots and robots

Exploring the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the travel industry

Delivering on the cognitive promise in travel Many travel executives understand the power cognitive computing has to transform their industry. However, even the most advanced travel companies are only making initial forays into cognitive computing by experimenting with chat-bots and robots – a good starting point for much greater cognitive opportunities. Based on a survey of travel and transportation executives, we developed a vision for the industry’s cognitive future and a set of recommendations for realizing that vision. We found that, after aligning cognitive priorities with core strategic objectives, travel companies can embrace their organizations’ data complexities to generate cognitive insights, deliver those insights to frontline staff and apply lessons from cognitive-ready travel leaders. These actions can help travel companies create cognitive programs that improve the travel experience, streamline travel operations – or do both.

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Steve Peterson, Global Travel and Transportation Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

Raimon Christiani

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, Global Industry Leader for Travel and Transportation