Improving decision making in a security crisis

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Coping with security crises

High-profile data breaches that affect millions of people are hitting the headlines with increasing regularity, and CEOs of large corporations are being dragged in front of government committees to be grilled by lawmakers. Harsh questions like “How could your security be so lax?” and “Why didn’t you know what happened and why did you respond so slowly?” can be a nightmare for a CEO. Most companies focus IT resources on detection and prevention and don’t pay enough attention to response and remediation.

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How can IBM help you?

Fighting new threats with more tools just adds complexity. It’s time to rethink your approach to cybersecurity.

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Meet the authors:

Caleb Barlow

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, Vice President, IBM Security, XForce Threat Intelligence;
Christopher Crummey

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, Executive Director, X-Force Command Cyber Range

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