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Standing out in business-to-business customer engagement

Industrial products leaders’ holistic approach

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Business-to-business (B2B) customer engagement presents unique challenges for industrial products organizations. Empowered customers expect more and want to buy at the time and through the channel of their choosing. Industrial products organizations face large effectiveness gaps with their customer-engagement objectives. Despite using traditional channels, less than half deliver a seamless omnichannel experiences. Few organizations have implemented digital technologies in marketing, sales and customer service.

Leaders provide a unique perspective that organizations can learn from. These leaders have a high reputation for delivering an excellent customer experience. Their enterprises lead in financial performance and innovation. And they are much more effective at addressing customer-engagement objectives.

The leaders approach customer experience and engagement differently. The leaders have committed to experience and tapped additional channels. They leverage customer insights to feed experience design and manage touchpoints. They have adopted digital technologies in marketing, sales and customer service to enable true omnichannel and drive efficient self-service and actionable insights to customers and employees. And they have made organizational improvements and cross-functional integration to support customer experience.

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Meet the authors:

Hans Bracke

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, Salesforce Industry Solutions Lead, Europe;
David Dickson

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, Industrial Products Industry Strategy, Consulting practice;
José R. Favilla

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, Director, WW Industry Solutions for Industrial Products;
Spencer Lin

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, Global Chemicals and Petroleum, Industrial Products and Global CFO Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

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