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How auto pioneers are taking the plunge into blockchain

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Betting on blockchain Autonomous vehicles, new mobility business models and personalized consumer experiences are just some of the innovative opportunities driving change for today’s automotive organizations. However, inefficiencies still exist in the industry’s business networks – inefficiencies that could be tackled through blockchain. With its promise of more secure, traceable transactions and better access to and transparency of information, blockchain has the potential to strengthen trust and collaboration among businesses, consumers and even vehicles. Though blockchain use is in its infancy in the automotive arena, a handful of companies are pioneering its adoption. To avoid being left behind, other automotive companies can take lessons from these Auto Pioneers and quickly assess their own blockchain opportunities.

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Dirk Wollschlaeger

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, General Manager, Global Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense Industries, IBM

Matthew Jones

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, Digital Business Consultant

Ben Stanley, Automotive Research Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

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