The API economy

How to unlock value with new business models and winning experiences

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Competing in the API economy

In today’s world of ever-expanding interconnectivity, application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as important tools for providing access to data and capabilities beyond the firewall. Organizations increasingly use APIs to bring together ecosystem partners and unlock new sources of value. This two-part series of executive reports offers insights on the new opportunities APIs provide and on how organizations can take advantage of those opportunities.

“Innovation in the API economy,” explores the API experience, the use of APIs as a new, dynamic form of product offering and underlying API capabilities.

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Reach new customers with the API economy. Monetize your data to create new revenue streams for your business.

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Meet the authors:

Kevin Eagan

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, Executive leader for growth, innovation and customer experience excellence;
Michael L. Fitzgerald

Connect with author:

, Global CIO Advisory Leader, Cloud Center of Competency, IBM Global Business Services;
Alan Glickenhouse

Connect with author:

, IBM API Business Strategist, IBM Cloud;
Sugandh Mehta

Connect with author:

, Distinguished Engineer, CTO, Cognitive Business Solutions Center of Competency, IBM Global Business Services;
Savio Rodrigues

Connect with author:

, Director, StrongLoop and Interaction Services Offering Management, IBM Cloud;
Christoph Schmitt

Connect with author:

, Integration Marketing – Program Manager, IBM Cloud;
Juan Carlos Soto

Connect with author:

, Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Integration and API Economy, IBM Cloud;
Sham Vaidya

Connect with author:

, Distinguished Engineer, Cognitive Solutions, IBM Watson;
Paula Kwit, Portfolio Marketing, IBM Cloud