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Nonprofits with deeper data capabilities see stronger impact, transparency and decisions

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Enhance your understanding A convergence of trends in the nonprofit sector has created urgency to advance the current state of data and analytics use. Major funders are demanding quantified evidence of social impact. Constituents expect both transparency of operations and a digital presence. None of these is a luxury, but a requirement.

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Meet the authors

Michelle Mullins

Connect with author:

, Managing Consultant, Digital Strategy, IBM Global Business Services

Tracey Nguyen

Connect with author:

, Associate Partner, Digital Strategy, IBM Global Business Services

Rebecca Shockley, Executive Consultant CBDS Data Platform & AI, Global Business Services

Diane Melley

Connect with author:

, Vice President, Global Citizenship Initiatives, IBM

Christian Schoen

Connect with author:

, Impact Grants Project Executive and IBM Corporate Citizenship & Affairs Senior Program Manager

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