AI and automation pay big dividends for telecom

What if you could operate 10x faster at half the cost using cognitive RPA?

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The telecom industry is rife with manual and repetitive rule-based transactions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) can transform mundane, time-consuming and error-prone tasks to automated ones.

Making the shift from processes run by humans supported by technology, to processes run by technology and supported by humans can also help companies achieve radical cost savings.

A process automation platform that sits “over the top” of existing IT can help enable faster order fulfillment at half the cost, facilitate lead-to-cash processes that steer the back-office to areas of value, and improve productivity with self-serve options. Short-term gains create breathing space for IT organizations to make thoughtful technology investment decisions to move confidently toward a system transformation strategy.

Instead of diving in and using robotics alone, our structured approach based on three primary areas of focus can help create meaningful change in just months.

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Bringing blockchain to telecom to digitally transform the business.

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Meet the authors:

Warwick Hill

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, Global Lead, Telco Media, Enterprise Transformation, IBM Global Business Services;
Martin Guillaume

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, Global leader for Sales Order Management, IBM Global Business Services;
Jim Thornhill

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, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services;
Rob van den Dam, Global Industry Leader - Telecommunications

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