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AI fast-forwards video for sports highlights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people watch sports.

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Using learned cues to analyze and choose which televised moments to package into videos, AI can deliver stats and results faster than a production crew. AI helped Wimbledon generate 14 M+ new views and deliver highlights 15 minutes faster across their platforms with no human intervention.

FOX Sports is using AI to create value by generating hyper personalized sports highlight experience for fans at scale. As broadcasters become platforms for fan and market engagement, advertisers will likely take notice.

Beyond sports, AI can cut the time it takes to produce feature film trailers from days to hours. And help viewers pick their next binge series by pulling content from many streaming sources at once.

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Meet the authors

Mario Cavestany

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, VP, IBM Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment, (TME) Industries, Europe, IBM Global Markets

Fabien Lanne

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, Technical Leader, TME Industries, Europe, IBM Global Markets

Jay (Mrutyunjaya) Hiremath

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, Industry Solutions Leader, Media and Entertainment, Lead Partner, Global TME, IBM Global Business Services

Rob van den Dam, Global TM&E Industry Leader - IBM Institute for Business Value

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