AI fast-forwards video for sports highlights

Innovation and hyper-personalized user experiences let broadcasters engage with viewers like never before

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Executive overview

Authors: Rob van den Dam

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, Global Industry Leader - Telecommunications,
Mario Cavestany

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, VP, IBM Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment, (TME) Industries, Europe, IBM Global Markets,
Fabien Lanne

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, Technical Leader, TME Industries, Europe, IBM Global Markets,
Jay (Mrutyunjaya) Hiremath

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, Industry Solutions Leader, Media and Entertainment, Lead Partner, Global TME, IBM Global Business Services

Talking points:

Using machine learning and visual recognition to enrich the fan experience, AI ups the game for sports highlights. AI uses learned cues to analyze and choose which televised sporting moments to package into videos for various audience segments, freeing up editorial teams to focus on other content.

Broadcasters will have new conversations with their audiences, and become platforms for fan and market engagement. Both advertisers and telecom companies investing in sports rights will turn to AI to differentiate bundled packages of broadband, landline, mobile phone, and TV contracts.

Beyond sports, doing new things with video content creates new ad opportunities. Video enrichment can help grow viewer engagement and ad revenue by creating personalized recommendations that are more detailed and searchable than large libraries of video.

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