Just add weather – chemicals, petroleum and industrial products

How weather insights can grow your bottom line

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Executive overview

Authors: Viswanath Krishnan

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, Global Solutions Executive,
David Dickson

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, Leader, Industrial Products Industry Strategy,
Spencer Lin

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, Global Chemicals and Petroleum, Industrial Products and Global CFO Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

Turn rain into sunshine What is it about the weather that keeps chemicals, petroleum and industrial products executives up at night? Perhaps it’s the negative impact weather often has on business – from unused asset time to crop losses to misaligned gasoline demand and supply. Yet according to our recent research, that’s not true for all organizations. Some chemicals, petroleum and industrial products companies are turning weather data into a competitive advantage by leveraging insights to reduce costs and increase revenues. In this report, we draw on input from 150 chemicals, petroleum and industrial products executives worldwide to explore how organizations can learn from those that view weather data as a competitive advantage.

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