Accelerating enterprise reinvention

How to build a cognitive organization

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Executive overview

Authors: Brian Goehring

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, Associate Partner, AI / Cognitive & Analytics, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Rafi Ezry

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Anthony Marshall

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, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services

Creating a functional cognitive roadmap Executives worldwide have embraced the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing. Many are already applying these and other intelligent technologies to dramatically improve capability and productivity of their businesses while redefining the ways they engage with customers, partners and others. However, they need a way to prioritize their digital intelligence investments, as cognitive computing presents virtually endless possibilities across business processes and functions. Leveraging insights from more than 6,000 senior executives across industries and regions, this study provides a clear roadmap toward full adoption of cognitive computing – function by function, across the enterprise.

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