Three electronics industry strategies for the new data economy

To thrive, electronics companies need to exploit the power of platforms, tech stacks, and rapid innovation.
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Electronics executives understand that technology is moving fast and that speed is accelerating the overall pace of change. While there’s an implicit understanding that electronics will be a dominant interaction point for users and technology for years to come, there’s a growing unease about how their role will evolve.

Electronics devices connect users and technology. However, interactions involving voice or gesture can upend that relationship. The service providers offering these voice and gesture features gain advantage in driving the experience and leveraging the data. Each device interaction–each time someone speaks to or interacts with a machine–is an opportunity to gather data and build knowledge. Electronics organizations need to take advantage of this data, turning it into insights that can drive new types of customer experiences and customer-centric business models.

The data economy and its associated platforms represent a bridge to increased value for electronics organizations. Success in this environment requires electronics companies to focus less on devices and more on solutions. Read the report to discover how the industry can move closer to the data and derive insights to design user-oriented, insightful interactions for customers. Specifically, learn how three strategic priorities can help electronics companies shift into the data economy and platforms that support it.

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Meet the authors

Grant Bodley

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, Vice President and Partner, Electronics and High-Tech Industry Leader, IBM Consulting

Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Global Electronics, Environment, Energy, and Utilities Research Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

Amy Slagle Swanson

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, Strategy, Digital Reinvention, Business Transformation Leader, and Senior Sales Executive

William Thomas

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, Electronics and High-Tech Industry Lead, Digital Strategy

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Originally published 26 July 2019