Analytics: The speed advantage

Why data-driven organizations are winning the race in today’s marketplace

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Executive overview

Authors: Steven Davidson

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, VP and Partner, Senior Client Adviser Digital Reinvention,
Glenn Finch

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, Global Leader for Big Data and Analytics, IBM Global Business Services,
Christian Kirschniak

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, European Leader, Big Data & Analytics, IBM Global Business Services,
Cathy Rodenbeck Reese

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, Global Technology & Data Program Leader, GBS Technology & Data,
Rebecca Shockley

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, Executive Consultant CBDS Data Platform & AI, Global Business Services,
Marcio Weikersheimer, Big Data & Analytics Competency Leader, IBM Global Business Services, Brazil

Velocity: The new differentiator In 2014, several important shifts occurred in the world of big data – shifts that business executives around the globe cannot afford to ignore. The most significant shift is that velocity is now the competitive differentiator for big data. Our sixth annual analytics study reveals a group of organizations differentiating themselves with speed-driven data and analytics practices that significantly impact business performance and competitive position. To compete in today’s digitally infused marketplace, other organizations need to emulate these outperformers by acquiring, analyzing and acting on data with a focus on speed to action.

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