Media and entertainment

Improve personalization, create hyperscalable content distribution systems and optimize monetization opportunities
Emerging technologies like cognitive solutions and blockchain enable media companies to compete for the time, advocacy and money of consumers.

AI fast-forwards video for sports highlights

To grab more of the burgeoning sports video highlights market, broadcasters are using AI to capture content and engage viewers in new and exciting ways.

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The services provided by communications service providers (CSPs) are at the heart of our digital world.
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Tokens are a versatile new form of value that can facilitate seamless transactions within a given usage domain such as commerce.
Almost seven in ten M&E CxOs expect more emphasis on customer experiences than products over the next few years.
Learn how media companies can secure new footholds in a changing strategic landscape and an altering industry hegemony caused by the emergence of digital disruptors.
For communications service providers (CSPs), the explosive rise of mobile data and video, the growth of global digital commerce and the emergence of an empowered, hyper-connected consumer are altering the service provider-customer relationship.
The primary hurdle telecom companies face today is their low customer experience reputation, which has affected customer loyalty.

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