Support the majority of today’s communications and interactions that leverage Electronics.
The cornerstone of the digital economy and the Internet of Things, Electronics enables the creation of new customer and user experiences.

The platform advantage in electronics

Platforms are a new path to growth for companies. By harnessing the value of data, platforms enable new revenue streams, services and interactions. Electronics companies are well positioned to create or participate in platforms to capture value and engage in the data economy.

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Electronics firms need to rethink their organizations from the ground up through a process we call Digital Reinvention.
The coming of 5G is a game-changer, but not in the way people expect. Smartphone users worldwide have long-awaited the arrival of fewer dead spots and download speeds up to 20 times faster.
Tokens are a versatile new form of value that can facilitate seamless transactions within a given usage domain such as commerce.
Next-generation supply chain leaders and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they manage will drive their organizations to maximize data usefulness.
As electronics organizations navigate their position in the cloud continuum, they are using key criteria to identify use cases for hybrid cloud adoption.
Through Digital Reinvention™, electronics firms can combine digital approaches and data by design to drive new capabilities, changing business from the ground up.
Electronics companies must secure not only their devices, but also their factory, ecosystem and partner networks.
Many products are being infused with electronics, and as design becomes more data-centric, it offers the potential for new opportunities.

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