This series showcases some of IBM’s brightest thinkers as they share insights into emerging subject areas and technologies. Their thoughts can help us understand the topics — such as smarter cities, the cloud, and big data — that are changing our world.

Maryam Ashoori innovator highlited

Maryam Ashoori

User experience

Meet IBM’s Cool Things Czar. Dr. Ashoori is part computer scientist, part user experience analyst, and part interface artist. She helped to create TJBot, an open-source robot that responds to emotions.

Mike Abbink

Mike Abbink

Brand experience and design

The font he created, IBM Plex, represents the merger of technology and humanity

Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill

Platform experience

He leads by design, incorporating design thinking across the product development spectrum


Bob Schultz

Business development

His team drives new technologies to help businesses find, hire and retain talent they need

jegemy greenberger

Jeremy Greenberger

Inventions and patents

This young inventor has submitted more than 70 ideas to IBM for patent consideration

dario gill

Dario Gil

Quantum computing

His IBM Research team explores entirely new ways of computing beyond atomic dimensions

ie ajay

Ajay Royyuru

Cancer research

An IBM team hopes to treat the genetic characteristics of cancer cells

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Medical research

A call about her father’s health moved her to help create a revolution in radiology

Rajasekar Krishnamurthy

Rajasekar Krishnamurthy

The world’s water

Using big data and advanced analytics, his team studies the real cost of water worldwide

Mukesh Khare

Mukesh Khare

Semiconductor research

He leads a team working to defeat Moore’s Law in the semiconductor realm

David Chambliss

David Chambliss

Food safety

His team works toward enlisting microbes as tiny sentries in the battle to keep our food safer

Phil Gilbert

Phil Gilbert

Design thinking

With the customer as “north star, ” his team is leading an evolution in process at IBM Design

Keith Dierkx

Keith Dierkx

Global Rail Leader and Director of at IBM

His team uses smart technology to advance the rail business, from social media to analytics

Michael Dixon

Florian Pinel

Creative cooking

Chef Watson develops surprising new recipes — but this team’s work transcends dinner

shu jen han

Shu-jen Han

Nanoscale technology

Only one atom thick, graphene could revolutionize electronics. He explains how.

Brenda Dietrich

Brenda Dietrich

Data science

Her team explores how analytics can help decision-makers across the business spectrum