This series showcases some of IBM’s brightest thinkers as they share insights into emerging subject areas and technologies. Their thoughts can help us understand the topics — such as smarter cities, the cloud, and big data — that are changing our world.

Charlie Hill innovator highlited

Charlie Hill

Platform experience

Design thinking comes into play in virtually every aspect of every product that we buy — or choose not to buy. See how IBM is incorporating design thinking across the product development spectrum.


Bob Schultz

Business development

See how Watson is enabling HR organizations to build systems that meet the needs of today’s workforce.

jegemy greenberger

Jeremy Greenberger

Inventions and patents

This young inventor has submitted more than 70 ideas to IBM for patent consideration

dario gill

Dario Gil

Quantum computing

When transistors shrink to atomic dimensions, performance soars

ie ajay

Ajay Royyuru

Cancer research

An IBM team hopes to treat the genetic characteristics of cancer cells

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

Medical research

It began with a phone call. “There’s something wrong with your father.”

Rajasekar Krishnamurthy

Rajasekar Krishnamurthy

The world’s water

It’s time to determine the real cost of water in any area around the world

Mukesh Khare

Mukesh Khare

Semiconductor research

Learn how structure influences performance

David Chambliss

David Chambliss

Food safety

Microbes can become tiny sentries in the battle to keep our food safer

Phil Gilbert

Phil Gilbert

Design thinking

When your customer is your "north star,” you exceed expectations and drive loyalty

Keith Dierkx

Keith Dierkx

Global Rail Leader and Director of at IBM

Railroads chug down the smart track

Michael Dixon

Michael Dixon

General Manager, IBM Smarter Cities

Expectations prompt even smarter cities

Michael Dixon

Chieko Asakawa

Accessibility technology

Blind since the age of 14, this IBMer describes accessibility in the age of the internet

Michael Dixon

Florian Pinel

Creative cooking

Chef Watson develops surprising new recipes—and his contributions won’t stop with food

shu jen han

Shu-jen Han

Nanoscale technology

Super potential for super power

Brenda Dietrich

Brenda Dietrich

Data science

Analytics helps decision-makers across the business spectrum